I like to smoke intuitive air and dream about the dark blue ocean. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/eduardnikel

In darkness I find
my light
In darkness I write
my story
of stones and cats
in winter’s summernight
of palms and trains
to eternal starlight
it is just
I am
a passenger
playing notes
on a keyboard
on my piano
for you

tell your story
to your girl
to your one and only girl
tell your story
sincerely, honestly
and deeply in your truth
with mind and heart
and find your freedom
through your speech
as you create
the world by words

In incompleteness I rise

through sand of glory

Oh glorious cleopatra

your smile is my cage

in cigarettes’ red firelight

Courageously, calmly, and thoughtful

I die

in needle’s time


Preface. This post aspires to talk of spiritual stuff like ‘déjà vu’, ‘destiny’, ‘inspiration’ or ‘awakening’, and ultimately the ‘creation’ of itself;

thus it will be less scientific and rigid in nature, expect it to be more like viewing “Mulholland Drive” backward: a bit dreamy and blurry at first but…

Eduard Nikel

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